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Are you looking for a veritable feast of fine custom finishes to suit any palate? THE ART STUDIO creates high quality luxury finishes suitable for any design, from residential and commercial purposes to the hospitality industry and even luxury yachts.  You can do it, too.  Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a  custom contractor, a ship-builder or a developer, we have the solutions you need.  Our high end, fine finishes can be used in a multitude of ways, and to an almost infinite variety of effects.  It’s just like cooking.  All it takes is the right ingredients and a little know-how and anyone can create a fine finish.

THE ART STUDIO offers only environmentally sustainable, safe, healthy and non-toxic materials.  These remarkable finishes work well on countertops, cabinets, walls, floors, furniture, wall panels and more. The possibilities are endless. Recycling and resurfacing might have been drab subjects in the past, but not anymore. You can customize your finishes to suit any décor, and the finished product is a high end, magazine-quality surface.  What more can you ask for?    

THE ART STUDIO offers an evolving roster of talented guest instructors, too, each one an expert in their own field.  Evangelia has trained with the world’s very best decorative artists, both here in North America, and abroad.  She is a member of the Canadian Guild of Decorative Finishers, the International Decorative Artists League and the Professional Decorative Painters Association.  


Remember: you are entering the organic section of the Decorative Arts.  All of our materials are guaranteed to be healthy, safe and non-toxic, so they won’t be leaving any nasty chemicals hanging around for you to inhale…

Please note that our classes include all materials and recipes, as well as pricing and marketing strategies for you, and organic snacks for your body, too.  

Hors D’oeuvres:
Whet your appetite.  These quick courses offer the basics.  They’re easy on the pocketbook, but even so, you’ll dance away with your own highly saleable finishes to enhance your portfolio.

AURATOPS I - 2.5 DAYS - ($655)
Full fundamental training in the Aurastone system, all in one bite sized package.  You leave the course with 5 top-selling countertop samples for your portfolio.  Create finishes such as black ice, white Carrera, Serengeti, acid free stains and granite.

AURATOPS II - 2.5 DAYS - ($655)
Tried the first morsel and hungry for more?  Walk away with gorgeous custom finishes, like blue lapis lazuli, leather top, green or cappuccino  onyx, diamonds and rubies, walnut travertine, foils, modellos and mica essence.

Dig in.  Enjoy!

SUPERTOPS - 3 DAYS - ($895)
This one is a sumptuous feast of design possibilities.  Create an agate inlay ready to be backlit with LED or electroluminescent phosphorus lighting, capiz shells, paua shell inlay, capuccino onyx, tiger’s eye onyx and verde rosso with modello inlay. Pre-requisite: Auratops I

This is the full meal deal.  Create 7 beautiful top selling countertop finishes: granite with modello, white Carrera, Serengeti, black ice, blue lapis lazuli, walnut travertine and acid free stains with a leather finish.

A cornucopia of possibility is all yours in one course.  There are so many potential applications that it literally gives you the ability to transform your world.  Come and explore the potential.  Create 2 countertop samples, 2 back splash samples, 2 faux wall finishes, 2 cabinet finishes.


Unleash your inner artist and join us for a fun filled 2 hour canvas painting session. Get your friends together and dance away with your own masterpiece.

Now this really is sweet.  Create your own masterpiece of abstract contemporary art.  Choose from an assortment of various shapes and sizes of wall panels.   You will then use texturing techniques in applying your choice of mica flakes and recycled glass in various colors.  We will combine it with real earth ground pigments, mica powders and many other goodies.  Let your creative consciousness flow.   Then you will seal it with our non-toxic epoxy to give it depth, and we’ll even show you an astounding trick to creating the most stunning visual effects.  You’ll walk home with a goody-bag stuffed with your own personal work of art and all the know-how you need to create many more.  See?  Better than chocolate.
Sundays 11am to 4pm

Go on.  You know you want to.  

These little tasties are actually your bread and butter finishes in disguise. Once you’ve mastered these there is so much you can do.  Learn all the core basics, with glazes and textures. It’s the essential foundation from which to build on. This class includes a question and answer session with celebrity designer Ami McKay. See? Who said a little cocktail isn’t good for you?

In this little premium drink of sunshine, you will learn some of the finest top-selling faux finishes available today. Enhance your portfolio with such luxury finishes as layered metallic foils, mica flakes and powders, stone glazes, vinyl masking patterns, stencils, authentic italian lime plasters, tarnished brass, inlaid shells, yale-town brick, and simple wood grains. You will even receive a few very surprising bonus finishes! This class also includes a question and answer session with celebrity designer Ami McKay.

FUN WITH METALS - 1 DAY - ($299)
Enjoy yourself!  Explore various metal finishes such as tarnished brass, platinum and silver leaf. Understand the art of using metallic foils, including holographic foils, and try your skill at applying bronzing powders and various aging techniques on architectural surfaces.

THE HELM - 1 DAY - ($299)
Inspired by the best Supperclub Vancouver has to offer. Learn how to create the bar countertop finish that glows under black light, damask stencil embellished with holographic foils and crystals, a textured fabric weave wall finish with use of modellos and your own abstract contemporary art using recycled glass, epoxy, mica essence and earth ground pigments.

Brandy and Cognac:
Ah.  Elixir of the Gods…  

Do you have refined tastes and a craving for something specific?  Would you prefer a quieter, more focused approach?  Book your one-on-one session now and customize your experience.  You may choose from any finish offered here, or if you prefer, we can certainly create something designed exclusively for you.

Is it time for a dinner party? Get a few friends together and we will customize a workshop for you.  Create your own feast from the various finishes on the menu!   Book your reservation for 4-8 people today!

And the crème de la crème?...  For all you secret gourmands out there, each course includes pricing and marketing strategies, which will give you invaluable information on what you can charge in the business, what your potential income will be, and what kinds of jobs you can expect to find.

Joining us for a class?  Bring a lunch and wear clothes you can get grubby in.  Also bring a notebook, pen, and your smile, because we’re going to have some fun!

Watch our blog for news of exciting guest instructors coming to Evangelia Art Studio in 2011!

We offer a 10% discount on all materials on the day of class.

Please note: 50% of the course fees are due upon registration and the remainder one week prior to the beginning of the class.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit cards, and cheques. Please make cheques out to Evangelia Art Studio and mail or deliver to 4025 Mcconnell Drive, Burnaby, BC V5A-3A7.  From time to time we may need to substitute one finish for another. 

Give the gift of art. Gift certificates are now available.

Enrol now! Call 604-727-8829 or email: evangelia.art.studio@gmail.com

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