Evangelia decorative art studio

Rene Picard, Interior designer
I have worked with Evangelia for many years. What I value most is the time she takes to analyse the proposed scheme and wall finishes. Our brainstorming sessions always lead to a result that is more spectacular than the original idea. Evangelia works well under pressure and has a talented, professional crew, that assist her to complete the job on schedule and on budget.

Giuseppe De Lucio, Operations Manager
On behalf of Fibre-Crown Manufacturing Inc., I would like to express our sincere gratitude for the work you have performed for us these past few years. Your artistic touch and skills have greatly enhanced the quality of our products and have provided us the opportunity to enter exciting new niches of the architectural detail market.
We regularly recommend you to our clients and none have been dissatisfied, while many have called to thank us for having assisted them to locate the right artist for their project.
Thank you for your punctual, professional work and your eagerness to be available when we need you.

Debra Jappy
Fabulous, dramatic impact. Rave reviews at dinner parties. The "drama" room of the house. I love it!